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CR/LMS/BR Jumbo 0-6-0

One of many condemned locomotives dumped in sidings at Bo'ness in 1961 (Ben Brooksbank) / CC BY-SA 2.0

The Caledonian Railway 294 and 711 Classes (nicknamed "Jumbo") were 0-6-0 steam locomotives designed by Dugald Drummond for the Caledonian Railway introduced in 1883.

These Drummond Jumbos were numerically the largest class on the CR with 244 examples, 102 of which were fitted with Westinghouse brakes for passenger train working.

Some locos were fitted with stove-pipe chimneys.

All drawings kindly provided by the Caledonian Railway Association

 Drummond 294 Class
 Lambie Development of 294 Class
 Tender for Lambie and McIntosh Variations

Rolled Boiler, Includes nickel silver chassis, brass body and alternative parts for LMS & BR.

Requires the following to complete:

  • Slaters 7860CR x 3 - 5' 0" 16 spoke driving wheels
  • Slaters 7848 x 3 - 4' 0" 12 spoke tender wheels

PDF Instruction Sheet

Price £240