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Caledonian Railway Association

Alba Railway Models is grateful to the Caledonian Railway Association (CRA) for all its support and assistance.

Membership of the CRA is recommended to anyone interested in any aspects of the Caledonian Railway, the CRA has an extensive database of information for anyone interested in modelling the Caledonian Railway in the pre-grouping era. The CRA also hosts a forum for anyone interested in all aspects of the Caledonian Railway and the aspects of the railway which continued operation under the LMS and later BR.

The CRA maintains contact with Heritage Railways, Museums and National Repositories to assist in the preservation and or conservation of artefacts, archives and information relating to the Caledonian Railway. Their Archive is steadily expanding through donations and acquisitions and is accessible to all researchers.

The kits and components we supply can be used to model the Caledonian Railway from the pre-grouping era right through to the British Rail era, many items of the Caledonian Railway rolling stock survived right through and into the 1960's and could be found in use throughout Scotland with some locos and rolling stock finding its way south of the border; some of the original infrastructure still survives today in the form of station buildings and other structures.

Membership of the Caledonian Railway Association is open to everyone who shares our interests, aims and objectives. Information is disseminated and shared through our quarterly Journal 'The True Line' and via the CRA Forum, which can receive posts from all registered members.

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