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Our 7mm scale coach and wagon kits are supplied as complete kits with the exception of paint and transfers. All 6-wheel coach kits include a flexible chassis designed for track down to 4'6" (1379mm) radius.

Our 4mm scale kits for locos, coaches and wagons are available either as a kit or as an etch and castings separately, both are supplied as a flat pack kit, the choice of wheels, bearings, motor and gear box are left to the builder.

We are also happy to supply component parts from any of the kits separately.

Drummond 35ft 6 Wheel Coach

Development of these carriages dates back to 1882 and the arrival of Dugald Drummond at St. Rollox. The design was closely based on the early stock Drummond produced for the North British. Many of these coaches were still in regular use with the LMS in to the 1930's

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30ft 6 Wheel Coach

Caledonian Railway 30ft Diagram 016 passenger brake vans were originally built as 8ft wide vehicles.

After finding previously unknown details of the prototype that this kit has been based on, it has been found that the body etch for this kit has previously unkown errors. Because of this discovery we are removing this kit from our range until a new body etch has been drawn.

Anyone who has purchased one of these kits and would like details of the inaccuracy in the body etch, please contact us at

We apologise for this error and assure modellers this kit was produced with the best information available to us at the time of development.

45ft Coaches

These coaches were built between 1894 and 1898 and lasted through until the late 1930's.

They were the most typical of Caledonian coaches being seen in varying trains from 3 coach branch line sets to 8 coach formations for Clyde Coast Boat Trains.

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