Alba Railway Models

CR/LMS/BR 19 Class 4-4-0T

19 Class Kindly supplied by Jim MacIntosh

The Caledonian Railway Co built all its own engines at the St Rollox works in Springburn. Engine no 21 was a class 19, 0-4-4 type designed by John Lambie, the locomotive superintendent for the Caley from 1891 until 1895. Ten class 19 engines were ordered in June 1894 and delivered between July and August 1895.

The boiler was of a standard Lambie rebuild type and was fed by a Drummond injector on the R/H side, crosshead feed pumps feed water to each side with the R/H side clack valve being of a double feed design.

The engines were originally painted in the passenger blue livery and were originally employed on passenger services running from Glasgow to Balloch and Dumbarton. After a short time they were repainted in the goods black livery and later employed hauling goods wagons.

CR Nos 19-28, LMS Nos 15115-15124 and BR Nos 55119 and 55121-55124.

Drawings kindly provided by the Caledonian Railway Association

Rolled Boiler, Includes brass chassis and body, nickel silver rods and alternative parts for LMS and BR locos

Requires the following to complete:

  • Slaters 7869CR x 2 - driving wheels
  • Slaters 7837GP x 2 - bogie wheels
  • Motor and gearbox of your choice
    Mashima 1833 & Roxey 40 to 1 short gearbox, or ABC or MSC 33 to 1 or MSC JH 33 to 1

PDF Instruction Sheet

Price: £180