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Drummond 6 Wheel Coach

Development of these carriages dates from Dugald Drummond's arrival at St. Rollox in 1882, at the time when the Caledonian Railway had an urgent need for new coaching stock; it is presumed that Drummond's forceful nature was instrumemental in persuading the board to authorise new carriages to be built.

The design of these carriages was closely based on the Drummond's design presviously used on the North British and became the basis on which subsequent designs would be based.

Construction of the new carriages was quite rapid at first but had slowed by 1889 when new bogie stock started to be introduced. Many of these coaches were still in regular use with the LMS in to the 1930's

The kits include etch brass body and chassis and white metal castings. The kit is supplied complete with the exception of paint and transfers and it also is supplied in a box suitable to store the completed model. All 6-wheel coach kits include a flexible chassis designed for track down to 4'6" (1379mm) radius.

Following variations will be available:

6WD85-Compartment FirstDiagram 8
6WD104-Compartment Brake CompositeDiagram 10
6WD10A4-Compartment Brake Composite - Converted in 1910 from Third.Diagram 10A
6WD114-Compartment Brake Composite - Oil lit for Killin BranchDiagram 11
6WD13C5-Compartment Lav. CompositeDiagram 13C
6WD146-Compartment ThirdDiagram 14
6WD155-Compartment Lav. ThirdDiagram 15
6WD164-Compartment Brake ThirdDiagram 16
6WD502-Compartment Family SaloonDiagram 50
6WD512-Compartment Third (Picnic) SaloonDiagram 51

In addition to the 10 different sets of etched body kits, the following coaches can be built from them:

  • Diagram 9 - 5 Compartment Composite, Externally similar to the Diagram 8 First but with the two end compartments re-trimmed to Third-Class standards.
  • Diagram ? - 5 Compartment Brake Third, Externally similar to Diagram 14 Third but with one end compartment converted for Guard's use and a 2-window end as per Diagram 10A.
  • Diagram 15A - 4 Compartment Third, Fit clear glass in the Lavatory windows and sideways facing seats as per diagram.

Please note coach diagram numbers are based on the numbers used throughout the Caledonian Railway Association "Large" book. We recommend that any one building our coaches kits will find "Diagrams of Carriages " (Small Book), "1924 LMS Carriage Diagrams Book - CR Section" (Large Book) and "Coaching Stock Register" a very useful resource which can be obtained from the Caledonian Railway Association along with other useful resources listed at

Chassis Assembly Instructions

Body Assembly Instructions

Prototype Notes

Price: £130